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EVS Web Knee Brace

In the intense sport of motocross, the body takes a mean beating, with the knees being a prime target. To keep your knees as safe as possible, EVS designed the Web knee brace. The Web was designed to deflect, divert and absorb energy that is normally placed on the leg and knee joints during an impact or other excessive stress. The brace is made from 100% carbon fiber, with no bondo-type fillers. With full coverage of the knee, thigh, and shin, the Web makes sure that your leg is completely protected. And with hyperextension stops at 170°, 160°, and 150°, your leg will be protected from over extension and potential injury, but will also be comfortable for those long days. On the track the EVS Web knee brace is top of the line protection for your knees. Why take chances with anything less?

  • Top-of-the-line dual-walled carbon knee brace
  • Ultralight and extremely strong
  • Adjustable four-bar-linkage hinge and a dynamic knee cup that moves with you
  • Crumple zone protects against femur breaks
  • Lightweight twin-wall, hollow-core, carbon fiber construction for strength and durability
  • Articulating knee cup
  • Salt-water proof
  • Leg hugger liner prevents brace movement
  • Hyperextention stops: choose 170°, 160°, and 150°
  • Removable and washable liner
  • Sold individually


Наколенники EVS Web Наколенники EVS Web Наколенники EVS Web Наколенники EVS Web

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