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EVS RS-8 Pro Knee Brace

The RS8 Pro is the lightest full flexion knee brace on the market due to its innovative injection molded, high impact polypropylene shells. It’s incredibly comfortable due not only to its light weight but also due to its well ventilated construction allowing for airflow when you start turning on the heat!


  • New Carbon Fiber torsion limiting struts

The new big brother to the existing RS8, the RS8 Pro knee brace is the ultimate in form fitting comfort with increased rigidity. It incorporates new levels of function, fit and protection with advanced, proprietary technologies.

  • True-Motion2.0 Anatomically Correct Hinge

This patented hinge is state of the art and the only of its kind in the world. It eliminates chafing and tracks your knee like no other hinge does, allowing the brace to move WITH your leg, rather than to fight it, like so many other braces do. The RS8 Pro TrueMotion2.0 hinges have full and easy customization settings to dial them in to YOUR flexion preferences

  • Click-Tec Quick Release Buckle System

An ideal and innovative way to dial in the fit of the brace perfectly with ratchet-type buckles that also let you out of the brace in a flash. The wide secondary adjustment range of the straps allows for just about anybody to find their perfect fit in an RS8 Pro

  • Dry-Suede Comfort Liner

The ultra comfortable and absorbent liner is literally made of glove leather for comfort and durability. Perforated for wicking purposes, and not to mention it’s a thing of beauty with the special heat embossing. Removable and washable of course

  • Dual-Defense Total-Track Patella Guard

The first of its kind, the RS8 Pro patella guard is comprised of two telescoping knee guards with an ingenious tracking system that makes sure you’re knee cap is safely covered whether your leg is straight or bent

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