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Код товара: ZS60-5883

2600.00 грн.
Нет в наличии, под заказ, доставка 2-3 недели.
- Racing clutch perch set for cable type clutch developed with YOSHIMURA racing team.
- Comes with quick cable adjuster for quick and easy clutch play adjustment, even during the ride.
- Hinge style clamp for easy and quick maintenance and installation.
- Hinge pin is made of titanium alloy for right weight and durability.
- Lever bearing for less friction. Fully CNC machined, super light weight design.
- Holes on lever body is designed to decrease wind pressure up to over 300 km / h.
- The braking point is pre-calculated in case of a fall.
- Lever swings up forward in the event of crash and prevents lever breakage.
- Available 3 finger and 4 finger lever arm lengths.
- Conforms to FI M and M FJ regulations.
- Used by Yoshimura Japan racing team, Yoshimura Suzuki factory racing USA and Yamalube/Westby racing.

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