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Fits KTM 250-500 models 2011-13 


  Four adjustments available from stock to 2mm (.3, .6, 1.3, 2mm)
  Each adjustment progressively firms up the initial part of the stroke, helps the rear suspension to be 
    more efficient, correcting how the chassis rides, and gives better straight line stability
  Improves front end steering and cornering
  Helps with rear wheel traction
  Lowers seat height by approx. ½ inch in the 2mm setting.
  USA sourced Billet 6061 T-6 - Machined from a 8.4 pound block to a lightweight guard.
    Over 7 pounds of aluminum is carved away.
  Weighs only 6.7 ounces over stock link
  Shaped to deflect blows away from the linkage
  Protects both the shock and dog bone from impacts
  Protective 'hard black' anodized finish - which is extremely durable and slick
  Dual heavy-duty internal 20mm stainless needle bearings with dust seals installed
  Prevents expensive damage to the lower shock clevis and the suspension linkage
  Provides a full glide plate style surface to get you over logs and boulders
  At 5” of compression, the guard is basically flat (parallel to the ground). This creates a more consistent
    transition from the engine skid plate/chassis to the tire, minimizing “hang-ups”, and maximizing
  Replaces both stock linkage arms
  Other links only provide outside ramps, with no direct impact protection for the lower shock head.
  Will not come off, or come apart during extreme use.
  Allows the tire to put momentum traction into obstacles, vs. the “chainsaw” effect of the stock bike.     Obstacles are more likely to contact the rounded part of the tire instead of the vertical surface.


Pro Moto Billet KTM Linkage Guard

 Pro Moto Billet KTM Linkage Guard


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