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Thor Motorcross Sentinel Protector

Introducing the next generation in roost protection. The Sentinel is the most versatile, best fitting, lightest roost protector Thor has ever built. Weighing in at only 1.4 lbs., the Sentinel incorporates numerous vents and air channels for maximum ventilation. Designed for riders that are looking for coverage without the bulk and excess weight, the Sentinel is pure performance.

Racing Motocross and Supercross requires a different approach to roost protection than off-road riding, so we worked directly with our top riders to provide input and testing during the development of the Sentinel. The result is an innovative new design with our exclusive UniShoulder design that helps provide structural rigidity whether the Sentinel is used as a full version, or in it's front- only style. Protection doesn t do you any good if it's not securely in place, so we've developed the first ratchet-style closure system for a secure comfortable fit.

Versatility was also a crucial element, so we've include both the back strap and numberplate with every Sentinel, so you're ready to go racing right out of the box.


  • Fits most riders 120-200 lbs
  • Molded bio-foam interior
  • Injection molded exterior shell
  • Slim profile fits under jersey
  • Ratchet buckle closure system
  • Integrated sternum plate
  • TPR chest logo
  • Extensive venting for maximum airflow

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