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Код товара: W51-20525

2175.00 грн.
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- Standard sized brake rotor developed for use under extreme conditions of off road riding.
- Thick design for improved strength.
- Made of high carbon stainless steel ( SUS420 ) for better brake feeling and corrosion resistance.
- Solid type is light weight design with holes placed based on the strength analysis.
- Mad type has hole less design to keep the mud away from the rotor and prevent frictional wear of brake pad in a muddy race.

125-450SX/SX-F                                    98-16
125-530EXC/EXC-F/XC-W/XCF-W        98-16
450SMR                                                   04-14

TC/FC125-450        14-15
TE/FE125-501        14-15

Тормозной диск задний Zeta ZWhell Тормозной диск задний Zeta ZWhell


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