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      The Tusk Dual USB Power Socket is the perfect addition to your motorcycle, ATV, or UTV for long days on the trail or road. The Dual USB outlets provide power that makes it possible to run or charge accessories like a GPS, cell phone, MP3 player, etc. Super easy installation with the 7/8" handlebar mount (included), or can be custom installed to the dash, fender, or fairing by simply drilling a 1" hole. The wire leads are 37" long with an inline 3amp replaceable fuse. The leads have eyelets to attach easily to your battery.

  • Universal USB power source that fits any motorcycle, ATV, or UTV.
  • Standard 5 volt, 2 amp USB sockets that can provide power to multiple accessories including your GPS, MP3 or cell phone.
  • Complete with 7/8" handlebar mount that can removed to allow for mounting in fenders or dashboards.
  • 37" wire leads with inline 3amp fuse.



Tusk Dual USB Power Socket Tusk Dual USB Power Socket Tusk Dual USB Power Socket

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