Защита крышек двигателя DRZ:

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1885.00 грн.
Нет в наличии, под заказ, доставка 2-3 недели.

Подходит к моделям Suzuki DRZ 400E/S (00-09), Kawasaki KLX400 (03-05)


Save Time, Money and a Headache!

The stock magnesium DRZ/KLX/LTZ400 engine cases are both thin and brittle. As a result, they are very vulnerable to damage (cracks & impact punctures) from the bike's shift/brake lever and rocks when the bike falls (see More Photos Tab).

Save your yourself the cost of replacing expensive OEM engine cases and a ruined day riding/racing by installing a set of Thumpertalk Case Shields / Case Saver!!!

  • Laser cut from strong .062" 5052 alloy and die formed to fit cases perfectly
  • Machined bevelled edge for snag-free performance
  • Compatiable with all skidplates and does not affect disassembly
  • Easily polished to keep engine cases looking good

NOTE: Ignition side and Combo pack does not fit the DRZ400 Kicker model. This is because the case is shaped differently in the absense of the electric starter. Also, case shield/case saver held in place by RTV silicon adhesive (not included).

Ignition cover side is the side with the hole in the center. The clutch cover side is the side w/o the hole.

Защита крышек двигателя DRZ Защита крышек двигателя DRZ Защита крышек двигателя DRZ

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